This is a story about changing life. From being an internationally known gymnast, to becoming one of the most promising DJs in Slovenia. Dedicating 13 years of his life to gymnastics, he became multiple time national champion in all categories. He participated at two European Championships, the European Youth Olympics Festival and at the Youth Olympic Games qualifying. Always being a musician by heart, he was never able to try his abilities in music until he had to give up gymnastics because of several injuries.

Behind the name Maynamic hides a 19 year old uprising star of Slovenian electronic music scene. He started DJing as a hobby when he was 14 years old. In 2014 he also started producing music. After quitting gymnastics in 2015, he followed his heart to become a DJ and producer. His first shows were in his hometown of Maribor at some local events. After a while, he became resident of a big party organization Prva Največja, which gave him an opportunity to show his talent on club stages.

Soon his talent got recognized and he started preforming all over the region. Gaining experience and creating his own style took his career to a whole new level. The sound of this promising artist is primarily focused on festival energetic beats interlacing with melodic trance and future-club hitting rhythms. The taste for quality music along with the incredible connection and feeling for the crowd make his music unique. People are driven by his incredible performances and energy on the stage. His shows are mostly made from his own production of mashups, bootlegs and remixes. He can boast with numerous performances over the entire country, including clubs like Cirkus, Xtime, Plusminus, Oxygen, KMÅ , Marco Polo, Casa, etc. However, not only has he shown his skills on Slovenian stages, but in Greece as well.

Maynamic is a true rising star, adorned with his energy and passion at performances. His potential to be the next big thing has already been discovered by various DJs, producers and people in the music industry from all over Slovenia, as well as known DJs from all over the world, which devote good words and support on social networks. For the last year and a half, Maynamic has been working really hard on his production. Therefore, he will soon be able to show you a lot of new music. In the upcoming years, he wants to make his mark on music and move to a bigger stage, both at clubs and festivals.